Florida Department of Transportation M-CORES Technology Roadmap and Program Guidance

The Multi-use Corridors of Regional Economic Significance (M-CORES) program is intended to revitalize rural communities, encourage job creation, and provide regional connectivity while leveraging technology, enhancing the quality of life and public safety, and protecting the environment and natural resources. The M-CORES program is committed to sustainable practices that maximize the use of existing facilities by making safety and operational improvements, as well as adding capacity to existing facilities or right-of-way to accommodate additional modes, uses, and functions. Our team is evaluating opportunities for co-location within or adjacent to existing disturbed rail, utility, and roadway right-of-way in or near the study area, including the impact on surrounding environmental resources, land uses and communities. When developing and evaluating corridors, a high priority is being placed on the ability of co-located or new infrastructure to withstand and recover from storm surge (tropical storm through Category 5 hurricane), inland flooding, extreme weather events, sea level rise, and other climate trends.

Under this task work order-based contract, RS&H is providing technology adoption guidance to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for the M-CORES program to design a Digital Corridor for deployment along the Suncoast Connector corridor.  RS&H’s Digital Corridor will integrate innovative new solutions for Smart Mobility as part of a cohesive ecosystem that can ultimately serve broader Smart City needs. Building from a foundational communication backbone, the Digital Corridor will create a Living Lab for the testing, comparison, and evaluation of new technologies, vendors, and products that will improve safety, access, and equity along the entire 150-mile roadway and will help increase connectivity to existing urban and rural communities and protected wildlife areas throughout the region.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Emerging Technology
Location North Florida
Client/Owner Florida Department of Transportation District Two
Size: ~ 150 Miles
Delivery Method TBD
Construction Value $500 Million (estimated)


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