Flame Trench and Deflector System at Launch Complex 39B

RS&H was honored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2020 with a Silver Achievement Medal for the combined teams’ success in modifying and constructing the flame trench and deflector system at Launch Complex 39B (LC39B).

This joint effort between NASA and RS&H associates started in 2012 with two separate deliverables, one for a design to modify the LC39B flame trench and the other for a design of an all-new steel flame deflector. Upon completion, the two designs were combined into one specification package.

Construction began in 2015 on the flame trench portion of the job, with RS&H providing construction administration services. During the construction of the two designs, the RS&H team worked on several modifications and additions to the 2012 design. Some of these changes include creating a new design for the side flame deflectors with extensible columns in support of the mobile launcher during launch; the team also provided engineering solutions for a new sensory data acquisition system in the trench and deflector, among other work.

The project was a resounding success, due to the team’s expertise, collaborative approach, dedication to high-quality solutions and cross-firm support. The project and its related award represent another achievement in our more than 50 years of partnership with NASA.

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