• Evening Post Publishing Company.

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Description Corporate
Sustainable Solutions
Energy Management
Energy Commissioning
Sustainability Planning
Location Charleston, SC
Client/Owner Evening Post Publishing Company


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Evening Post Publishing Company

The Evening Post Publishing Company, a privately held information and marketing company with annual revenues of about $200 million, contracted with RS&H to conduct a preliminary sustainability assessment of its enterprise. The assessment was designed to provide an overview of the company’s current performance by benchmarking key metrics associated with the h use of energy, water, vehicles, and waste management.

In addition to benchmarking the company’s electricity, natural gas, water, gasoline, and diesel use, as well as characterizing its waste generation and recycling rates, a greenhouse gas inventory based on the company’s direct and indirect sources was conducted.

Using this baseline, the potential for cost and greenhouse gas savings was estimated based on benchmarking company performance against internal and external indices. Estimated preliminary savings ranged from 7% to 15% of present resource expenditures. Over 60 financial incentives that support activities leading to savings—particularly opportunities for implementing renewable energy projects—were detailed. Recommendations for future actions were made, including detailed facility audits, re/retro-commissioning, a waste minimization pilot project, and a renewable energy feasibility study.

To conduct the assessment, RS&H interviewed facility managers and collected 24 months of physical and operational data from over two dozen business units located across the United States. RS&H developed a custom database of annual energy water, and vehicle fuel use; waste management practices; greenhouse gas emissions and local, state, and national financial incentives available to the company. The Sustainability Assessment sets the stage for a multi-phase, iterative sustainability management strategy that RS&H will help the company develop and implement.