• Elizabeth River Crossings Back-Office Support.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Tolls & Managed Lanes
Location Porthsmouth and Norfolk, VA
Client/Owner Virginia Department of Transportation


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Elizabeth River Crossings Back-Office Support

RS&H provided expert back-office toll consulting and toll operation assessments to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for the Elizabeth River Tunnel project. RS&H’s role included evaluating back-office tolling operations and participating in work sessions with Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) staff (the sole-purpose company created to finance, deliver, operate, and maintain the Elizabeth River Tunnels project). RS&H provided support, analyzing risk, and suggesting improvements to established tolling operations. The team also assisted VDOT with documenting findings and providing assessments of tolling operations in order to develop reports for VDOT and Commonwealth leadership.

The ERC developed a Toll System Improvement Action Plan to address toll and customer service issues that arose during initial operations of the Midtown and Downtown tunnels in Hampton Roads, Virginia. This plan identified missing performance metrics and established a timeline for improvements to system functionality. RS&H assisted VDOT review issues and confirm that they were being resolved.

RS&H also worked to resolve transaction processing issues, such as timely issuance of Pay-by-Plate transaction invoices and tracking of refunds, as well as reconciliation of E-ZPass transactions that were submitted by ERC but rejected by VDOT’s back-office system. In addition, the team worked to ensure the accuracy of and helped to improve the reconciliation processes. This involved building effective customer service processes to maintain and improve confidence in the facility and transaction processing.