Project Description

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Description Transportation
Bike/Pedestrian Facilities
Location Volusia and Brevard Counties, FL
Client/Owner Volusia County


James W. Hullett, Jr.
Bike and Pedestrian Facilities

East Central Regional Rail Trail Study

RS&H is completing a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study for the proposed 46-mile paved multi-use East Central Regional Rail Trail (ECRRT), which spans two counties in Central Florida. The ECRRT is the largest Rails-to-Trails purchase in Florida and will eventually connect with the proposed 230-mile St. Johns River to the Sea Loop trail system, anticipated to open in 2013.

As part of the study, RS&H is developing alignment and design alternatives for the proposed trail. Multiple uses include cycling, hiking, running, skating, wildlife viewing, and equestrian in appropriate areas. We are also completing the concept development and evaluation of various design elements, including nine trailheads, ten “pocket” pavilions, six information kiosks, access management, and enhanced roadway crossing options.

The proposed trail traverses through urbanized areas, while also providing access to rural areas consisting of scrublands, wetlands, and other natural resources. As part of this study, we have recommended numerous structures over creeks, water bodies, canals, and wetlands. The corridor right-of-way follows a former railroad that was originally constructed in the 1880s.