• Cypress slough mitigation bank.
  • Cypress slough mitigation bank.
  • Cypress slough mitigation bank.
  • Cypress slough mitigation bank.

Project Details

Description Environmental
Mitigation Banking
Location Cass County, TX
Owner EnviroMit, LP


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Cypress Slough Mitigation Bank

A 296-acre wetland mitigation bank in Cass County, Texas, was experiencing impacts from logging practices and anthropogenic, or human-induced, flooding. To evaluate the site, and review the prospectus and previous ecological functional assessments, EnvironMit, LP, selected RS&H to develop a restoration plan for the area.

Our team conducted research and made recommendations about optimal plant assemblages for the climate, as well as on-site conditions. We also quantified wetland credit generation for the bank and developed ecological performance standards.

Because EnviroMit, LP, already had engaged multiple environmental consultants, our team had to efficiently review and interpret previous work to provide the requested deliverables on a strict schedule and budget.

Leveraging our years of mitigation banking experience, we helped submit the Draft Mitigation Instrument, one of the final stages of mitigation bank establishment.