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Description Transportation
Urban & Regional Planning
Location Charlotte, NC
Client City of Charlotte


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CRTPO Performance Management

This project involved a 40,000-square-foot tenant improvement of a shell medical office building comprised of a breast center suite and a radiation and medical oncology suite. A new 25-chair infusion center with central nurse station provides an open patient care environment with views of the facility’s outdoor healing garden. With abundant access to natural light and an open layout, this space facilitates communication with caregivers.

Caregivers are supported by a new pharmacy with clean room construction  to USP 797 standards. Patients have immediate access to medications prepared specifically for their treatment plans, and a new clinical trial research space provides them with access to the latest treatment options.

A vault addition houses a new, high-energy linear accelerator and high-dose radiation equipment. RS&H collaborated with a physicist to provide adequate shielding barriers for each medical modality. Caregivers for radiation therapy and treatment planning were consulted on the design parameters, resulting in a space that improves the efficiency of treatment procedures.

The radiation suite also included a CT scanner, shared by the breast center, for treatment planning. The tenant improvement included a new covered walkway providing a direct connection between the facility and the location of a mobile PET scanner that is periodically on-site. RS&H coordinated with the building owner to obtain approval on the configuration and appearance of the covered walkway.

The developer challenged RS&H with integrating LED lighting fixtures and a lighting control package into the building management system. RS&H selected fixtures to meet the developer’s requirements while also providing cohesiveness with the practice’s desire to create a spa-like atmosphere.