CRTPA Transit Development Plan

Recognizing that transit is an integral part of a sustainable transportation system, the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) in Florida partnered with StarMetro, the area’s transit agency, to develop a Regional Mobility Plan that includes a full update of the region’s Transit Development Plan (TDP). Our team completed the TDP, which will serve as a ten-year guide and planning tool for the transit agency to provide consumers with the most effective and efficient transit service.

We worked closely with StarMetro staff to ensure that the TDP met all federal and state planning requirements. The process included an intensive public involvement effort, assessment of existing conditions, identification of the agency’s mission and goals, as well as the development of recommendations, an implementation plan, and a financial plan.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Transit & Rail
Location Tallahassee-Leon County, FL
Client/Owner Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency


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