Congestion Management Process Update

RS&H completed an update to the Congestion Management Process (CMP) for the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) in Tallahassee, Florida. As a designated Transportation Management Area, CRTPA is required to include the CMP in its overall planning process. This update will ensure that the CMP is consistent with federal requirements and guidance. The CMP process includes the evaluation of congestion within the four-county region and identifies mitigation strategies to address both recurring and non-recurring congestion.

As part of the effort, RS&H worked closely with a Technical Resource Committee, comprised of technical staff from local governments and agencies throughout the region, to provide guidance and feedback on the process and results. The specific tasks in the CMP update include a review of all pertinent transportation and comprehensive plans, a peer review of other CMPs to understand the state of the practice and lessons learned, the development of congestion management goals and objectives, definition of the CMP network to be evaluated, development of performance metrics, traffic and safety data collection and analysis, identification of critically congested corridors and safety hotspots, the identification of mitigation strategies, and a prioritized list of specific projects for implementation. RS&H helped CRTPA staff incorporate the federally required performance measures into their planning processes, including utilization of the newly released Federal Highway Administration National Performance Management Research Data Set.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Planning & Environmental
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Urban & Regional Planning
Location Tallahassee, FL
Client/Owner Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency


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