Project Description

Commissary Positive Feedback Commissioning, Naval Station Mayport, FL

Looking to optimize operations and decrease energy costs through updates to their Design Guide, DeCA called RS&H to help them investigate multiple potential energy-saving technologies.  Using the 71,000-SF Commissary at NS Mayport as a test site, the RS&H team evaluated the following energy-saving tools:

  • Mechanical sub-cooling
  • Refrigeration compressor speed control
  • Control system configuration
  • Additional display case curtains and doors
  • Additional refrigeration line insulation
  • Sales area pressurization and ventilation air controls
  • Enhanced heat reclaim
  • Enhanced exterior lighting control
  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Compressor head pressure control
  • Enhanced refrigeration system defrost strategy
  • Enhanced sales area AHU fan speed control
  • Warehouse space temperature

To monitor the effectiveness, RS&H installed 18 electricity meters and 1 water meter to capture energy data. RS&H is continuously performing an evaluation of third-party data analytics and other reporting and notification services that come from the meters. While working on evaluating options, this system is already a cost savings by automatically alerting the facility manager when an energy savings feature fails, so that the O&M team can take immediate corrective action. Ultimately, these evaluations will allow DeCA to determine what is worth implementing in their facilities around the world.

Over the past 25 years, RS&H has helped DeCA avoid over $220M in utility costs through reduced usage, cost control, and management.

Project Details


Paul F. Hutchins, PhD, PE, CEM, LEED AP