• Commercial and Military Jet Engine transportation system.

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Commercial/Military Jet Engine Transportation System

RS&H designed, built, and delivered the indoor transporter.

The indoor engine transporter is battery powered, remote control operated and employs an onboard guidance system that can be activated to automatically position the cart in predetermined parking locations. To accommodate different jet engines, translating support posts and custom machined engine interface adapters were implemented. To improve workflow, the support posts could be quickly and easily repositioned by one operator without the use of tools.

To aid in precise positioning of the engine into test fixtures, the indoor transporter incorporated an air bearing skid system that provides lateral and axial movement of the engine and the support platform on top of the powered cart structure. To streamline design and reduce cost, many commercial off-the-shelf components such as linear bearings, air bearings, and vibration isolators were incorporated into this design. The indoor transporter has a matching enclosed truck to allow outdoor transportation between facilities in all weather situations.