Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Master Plan

Greater Cleveland is a diverse community, home to almost 4 million people and nine Fortune 500 companies. It is a major U.S. manufacturing center experiencing significant growth in the services industry, including a worldwide reputation for its medical facilities. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has enjoyed similar growth in air service, passengers, and operations.

Since 2014, the character of CLE has changed dramatically, as airline service shifted from airline hub operations to an airport serving almost exclusively origin and destination passengers. This has resulted in greater demand for ticketing, security screening, and curbside and ground access than was anticipated during the design of the passenger terminal building. RS&H was just about complete with the master plan forecasts when the pandemic fully hit the US. RS&H quickly revised the forecasts to include rapid recovery (V-shaped) and gradual recovery (U shaped) scenarios.

The capital program included development of ultimate terminal and landside configurations, as well as a realistic capital program for the expanding the front of terminal processors and parking, and reducing congestion at the curb frontage and the surrounding access roadway intersections. In addition, development plans for airport facilities such as air cargo, general aviation, airline support, and airport support included a range of options from on-site reconstruction and infill to a full redevelopment to obtain more efficient layouts.

A public outreach program that included two committees and a series of public meetings were included in the master plan. When the pandemic hit, RS&H quickly shifted to virtual meetings, including a full virtual public meeting space that included multiple presentations and information stations.

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