• Cecil Field Airport.
  • Cecil Field Airport.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Spaceport Planning
Master Planning
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner Jacksonville Aviation Authority


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Cecil Field Spaceport

RS&H prepared a Commercial Spaceport Master Plan for the Jacksonville Aviation Authority – the first of its kind in the nation. The master plan outlined the developing commercial space industry market, operating strategies, recommended short-term and long-term facility developments, and potential funding sources.

Spaceport Licensing and Environmental Assessment
We prepared the documentation and Environmental Assessment (EA) in support of JAA’s application to obtain a launch site operator license with the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation. The effort resulted in both a Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the EA and the issuance of the license, allowing JAA to operate the launch site. JAA can now offer Cecil Airport as a commercial launch site to operators with horizontally launched, suborbital, and reusable launch vehicles.

Spaceport Master Plan
RS&H also prepared a Master Plan to guide the future development of the spaceport. The plan maximizes the ability of Cecil Airport to host both aviation operations and commercial spaceport operations on the airfield with minimal interference between the two operations.

The plan analyzed priorities for developing the spaceport facilities while minimizing impact on aviation operations and created a phasing plan and cost estimates for each of the various improvements. The improvements were planned to allow a return on the authority’s investment, minimize adverse impact to the surrounding community, and provide a roadmap for identifying and creating a viable commercial reusable launch vehicle spaceport. The plan was formatted to permit easy updating to reflect the changing dynamics of the spaceport industry.