CCWF Surface Water Management Monitoring

The Cypress Creek Wellfield (CCWF) Surface Water Management project is a multi-objective wetland restoration and surface water management initiative in Tampa, Florida. RS&H designed a series of culverts and berms to modify surface water drainage patterns in order to improve wetland hydrology at a portion of the CCWF. An additional objective was to reduce nuisance flooding in Saddlewood Estates, a nearby neighborhood.

RS&H is currently monitoring the project to ensure the stormwater management solutions are functioning as designed, as well as to better understand and assess the effects of the wetland restoration. The team installed staff gauges to monitor surface water depth and established Wetland Assessment Procedure transects to monitor vegetation. We regularly collect the hydrologic and vegetative data, which is compiled into an annual monitoring report and then submitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers and Southwest Florida Water Management District for permitting requirements.

The CCWF is an important source of drinking water for the Tampa Bay region. The surface water management and monitoring initiatives will help ensure it remains a viable source for years to come.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Water Resources
Ecological Services & Permitting
Location Wesley Chapel, FL
Client/Owner Tampa Bay Water


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