Project Description

Campbell Mapping Services

RS&H developed a service area map of the midwestern and southeastern United States showing counties serviced by Campbell Company’s ICEE™ distribution organization. The team then developed map books showing Campbell Companies land holdings.

To overcome the challenge of producing large-scale maps in a small (8.5 x 11) format with great detail, RS&H utilized ArcMap’s grid index layer feature. This encompassed all of the subject area’s land and divided it into grids of equal size. Using the data-driven pages tool, each grid became a large-scale individual page of the map book. The allowed users to clearly see features on an aerial photograph background and a US Geological Survey topographic map.

Our firm’s extensive ArcGIS experience allowed us to efficiently digitize features and develop complex maps for the map book. RS&H worked closely with the client to adjust maps as needed.

In addition to the map book, the team provided a web-based mapping application depicting the data provided in the map book. The mapping application, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, allows users to see the map features, as well as their physical location.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Location United States
Owner Campbell Companies of Louisiana, Inc.


James W. Hullett