Project Description

Brooker Extraction Plant

The Brooker Extraction Plant processed natural gas liquid feed stocks to produce natural gasoline for wholesale fuel markets from 1964 until it closed in 1992. Thirty acres of groundwater impacts and six acres of soil impacts we identified after closure.

Remedial design selection focused on technologies to enhance natural attenuation of hydrocarbon contamination. Air sparging and vapor recovery was identified as the most viable and cost-effective remediation technique for the site.

The system design consisted of 250 air sparging and 267 vapor recovery wells. Air was injected into the sparge wells below the zone of contaminated groundwater. The sparged air transformed liquid phase contamination to the vapor phase. The contaminated vapor was captured by recovery wells and routed back to the equipment pad where the contaminated air was treated at 1400 degrees Centigrade with a thermal oxidizer/catalytic converter prior to atmospheric discharge. This project completed 1.5 years ahead of schedule and $750,000 under budget. It was the largest air sparging and vapor extraction system in Florida

Project Details

Description Environmental
Assessment & Remediation
Location Brooker, FL
Client ENRON


Ben Chandler, PG, LEED AP