Bronson Animal Disease & Diagnostic Laboratory

Advancing the diagnostic capabilities of the state agricultural laboratories, this new facility consolidates existing research functions from several dated buildings into a single collaborative environment for agricultural science. Set within a pine harvesting site adjacent to the existing campus, the new facility provides a new public face to this station and is planned to expand as the needs and demands of the agricultural laboratories grow. An entrance lobby opens to the conference center at its core dividing administrative office component to the east and the laboratory component to the west.

By arranging laboratory modules along one side of an access corridor and technicians and scientist offices along the other, this facility is able to zone environments by function while providing immediate visual and personnel access between laboratories and data inputting office zones. Placing the sample reception and support laboratories centralized between diagnostic laboratory areas, this plan enables quick and easy access reducing time and improving laboratory process efficiencies.
The architecture is simple to conform to good stewardship of public funding. The exterior walls are tilt wall panels with textured and colored accents. South facing windows are shaded by metal louvered sun screens and are designed to shifting sun angles throughout the year to provide maximum shading. The site includes a retention pond that is used as a focal point for the offices, break and conference spaces.

The overall design is for laboratory adaptability and expansion in the future, safety and convenience for the staff and easy public access for required services.

Project Details

Description Health & Science
Research & Training Facilities
Location Kissimmee, FL
Client/Owner Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Size 24,012 SF


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