Bannerman Road Corridor Study

In response to the Capital Region Transportation Planning Association’s 2035 Regional Mobility Plan, RS&H conducted a corridor study to produce a preferred roadway alternative alignment for approximately 4.6 miles of Bannerman Road, from Thomasville Road and Meridian Road. The plan identified the current two-lane roadway as needing bicycle, pedestrian, and operational improvements to enhance the automotive level of service. The study evaluated the projected transportation needs of the residential and commercial sectors along and surrounding Bannerman Road, as well as identified the best alternatives to provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

As part of the corridor study, RS&H developed detailed requirements for preliminary design, including existing and forecasted traffic conditions, right-of-way requirements, environmental impacts, and costs of the alignment options. RS&H also worked with county officials and Water Management District personnel to develop stormwater solutions that meet the criteria for the area and are cost-effective for the county to construct. For example, the recommended Advanced Drainage Systems products make underground chambers more viable because they require less eff ort to install and less maintenance.

RS&H also coordinated with Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) members and county staff to develop alternatives that are consistent with the established needs plans, as well as provide multimodal solutions that meet the needs of the residences along the entire corridor. A key component of the project was the public outreach eff orts, which include monthly CAC meetings, three public information meetings, and two workshops with the County Commissioners. A website was developed and maintained to provide project information and meeting dates and times. The completed study provided documented information necessary for the County Commission and CAC to reach a decision on the type, design, and location of an improved Bannerman Road. It considered all factors related to its design, including alignment options, transportation needs, social impacts, economic factors, environmental impacts, and an engineering analysis.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Public Involvement
Transportation/Corridor Planning
Location Leon County, FL
Client/Owner Leon County, FL


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