After years of success, Availity, a nationally recognized health information networking company, outgrew its existing office in Jacksonville, Florida, and commissioned RS&H to design a new space that would reflect its corporate culture, foster a collaborative environment, and provide flexibility for future growth.

Translating these intangible qualities into the built environment, RS&H developed an “information-in-motion” design concept that reinforces the organization’s unique brand and services. The idea of transmitting information between people and electronics served as an underlying concept that guided the design. The design concept is reflected in every aspect of the space, like the linear patterns found on the floors that convey a sense of journey.

At the beginning of the project, RS&H led a collaborative effort with Availity’s leadership, marketing, and IT teams to identify work styles and functional needs, as well as to discuss brand attributes that make the company unique. This information, paired with RS&H’s knowledge of current workplace strategies, helped define the new office. Some of the features include custom aluminum and glass wall panels to separate work areas while maintaining a visually open environment, smaller and more efficient work stations allowing Availity to increase collaborative areas, and sophisticated lighting controls that use occupancy-sensing technology to maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs.

The result is a branded environment composed of glass, low-panel workstations, and an open office that fosters a culture of transparency.

Project Details

Description Corporate
Corporate Workplace
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client Availity
Size 42,850 SF


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