• Aerial visualization of space launch facility at Cape Canaveral.

Project Details

Description Aerospace
Space Launch Facilities
Location Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
Client Hensel Phelps
Owner Lockheed Martin


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Atlas V Space Launch Complex 41

The Atlas V is one of the US Government’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV). It carries the nation’s DoD payloads, as well as selected commercial payloads. These EELVs launch from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and SLC-3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base. RS&H has provided civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical designs and construction administration support during construction, startup, and activation to support the Atlas V facilities and launch vehicle located at SLC 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base. Projects have included:

  • Environmental Control System (ECS), which supports the vehicles at the Vehicle Integration Facility and at the launch pad.
  • Facility HVAC systems, which support operations within the entire Atlas V SLC-41 complex, including the Vehicle Integration Facility, Mobile Launch Platform, and Pad Air Conditioning Shelter
  • Booster LO2 System for a new Storage and Transfer Facility, which includes a 450,000-gallon storage tank, 16 vaporizer units, six stations for propellant offloading, and related pneumatic control panels.
  • Centaur LO2 System for a new vacuum jacketed transfer line, which connects the existing CLO2 Storage Facility to the autocoupler interface.
  • Centaur LH2 System for a new storage and transfer facility, including a 45,000-gallon storage tank, a new vaporizer assembly for pressurization, two stations for propellant offloading, and a dual burn stack GH2 disposal system.
  • RP-1 System for a new storage and transfer facility, including two 48,000-gallon storage tanks, RP-1 pumping transfer assembly, three stations for propellant offloading, and pneumatic control panels.
  • Centaur engine chill down system for a new storage and transfer facility, which includes a 5,500-gallon LN2 storage tank with an internal heat exchanger, one LN2 fill station for cryogen offloading, vacuum jacketed transfer piping from the storage tank to the autocoupler interface, related pneumatic panels, and pipe supports.
  • High Pressure Gas System for the GN2 and GHe storage facility, including interconnecting pipes and valving system for seven storage tanks, safety relief devices, control panels, and cross-country pipe runs for GN2 and GHe that supply the Pad Equipment Building.
  • Pad Equipment Building’s equipment installation and arrangement for 11 pneumatic panels and two accumulators complete with interconnecting pipes and tubing.
  • Autocoupler Building’s new layout of all propellant and pneumatic lines
  • VIF Pneumatic Piping to all floor levels complete with service outlets and branch runs to designated stations and panel locations, as well as the installation of the GN2 and GHe Distribution Control Panels and miscellaneous Gauge Trees for service interfaces (i.e. hot fire abort cart, payload van, crane brake, and MLP).