• Arlington-Southside Connector Interchange.
  • Arlington-Southside Connector Interchange.
  • Arlington-Southside Connector Interchange.

Project Details

Description Transportation
Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Conventional & Complex Bridges
Water Resources
Water & Wastewater Systems
Location Jacksonville, FL
Client/Owner Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)
Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)


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Arlington-Southside Connector Interchange

RS&H provided construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for this major steel tub girder bridge construction project in Jacksonville, Florida. The project included construction of two steel tub girder fly-over bridges using deep pile footings for future development, replacement of a double-barrel box culvert with an existing flow line 30 feet below the Arlington Expressway, widening of two ASHTO Type IV beam concrete bridges, realignment of the Arlington Expressway, realignment of the Regency Square Boulevard North Interchange, construction of a roundabout, and the resurfacing of the existing roadways.

The new fly-over ramps consisted of two side-by-side steel tub girders with span lengths up to 372 feet and Ramp B overall length of 1,552 feet. Each tub girder was approximately 10.5 feet by 10 feet.  A total of 5,000 tons of structural steel, 406 tons of reinforcing steel, and 3,879 CYDs of structural concrete were used to construct the bridges.

Services included:

  • Inspection of girder fabrication, erection, and painting
  • Inspection of all reinforcing steel and concrete placement
  • Inspection of pile installation
  • Inspection of all bridge utility systems including drainage and lighting
  • Inspection of demolition and removal of a bridge to facilitate widening
  • Inspection of earthwork, asphalt, and concrete placement for roadway construction
  • Inspection of drainage improvements and retention pond construction
  • Inspection of erosion control plan and procedures
  • Inspection of maintenance of traffic plan and implementation

Additionally, RS&H designed a water transmission main to complete the final water piping loop of two large water main systems in Jacksonville, Florida, which were separated by the Arlington Expressway. The water piping loop is necessary to maintain pressure and flow for fire protection in the Arlington area, which is served by the Lovegrove water treatment plant. The team routed the project through a commercial area, requiring the RS&H Construction Manager and Inspector to remain in constant communication with all business owners so that construction crews could maintain access to the area throughout the duration of the project. The design also included a bridge crossing that incorporated pipe hangers uniquely mounted on the bridge superstructure.