I-95 Corridor Planning Study


Project Details Description Planning Transportation/Corridor Planning Transportation Traffic/Transportation Operations Location Broward and Palm Beach Counties, FL Client/Owner Florida Department of Transportation, District Four Contact James W. Hullett Planning 678-528-7210 Jim.Hullett@rsandh.com I-95 Corridor Planning Study RS&H completed a Corridor Planning Study for improvements to [...]

SR 1700 Travel Demand Modeling


Project Details Description Transportation Traffic/Transportation Operations Location Pitt County, NC Client/Owner North Carolina Department of Transportation Contact James W. Hullett, Jr. Traffic/Transportation Operations 678-528-7210 Jim.Hullett@rsandh.com SR 1700 Travel Demand Modeling RS&H performed travel demand modeling and traffic forecasting for the planned widening of [...]

I-75 Master Plan and Traffic Analysis


Project Details Description Transportation Traffic and Transportation Operations Location North Florida Client Florida Department of Transportation, District 2 Owner Florida Department of Transportation Contact James W. Hullett, Jr. Transportation-Infrastructure 678-528-7210 Jim.Hullett@rsandh.com I-75 Master Plan and Traffic Analysis RS&H completed a Master Plan for [...]

I-4 Ultimate Corridor Improvements


I-4 Ultimate Corridor Improvements As part of our Statewide Public-Private Partnership (P3) and Engineering Support Services contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Central Office, RS&H is providing owner’s representative services to District 5 for the $2.3 billion widening of I-4. This project includes the complete reconstruction of I-4, construction of 138 new [...]

95 Express Lanes


Project Details Description Transportation Highways and Local Roads Tolls and Managed Lanes Traffic Transportation Operations Design-Build Contractors Contractors - Transportation Location Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, FL Awards People’s Choice Award in the America’s Transportation Awards, American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), 2009 Innovative Management Award in the Regional America’s [...]

I-85 Traffic Operations Analysis


I-85 Traffic Operations Analysis RS&H performed traffic operations analysis for the proposed improvements to I-85 in North Carolina. The planned project includes widening a 13.5-mile stretch of the existing facility, adding a new interchange, and improvements to two existing interchanges. The traffic operations analysis involved a two-step process. First, we evaluated the [...]