I-77 South/US 74 P3 Owner’s Representative


I-77 South/US 74 P3 Owner’s Representative RS&H is providing general engineering consultant services to the North Carolina Turnpike Authority and serving as an agency representative to support the oversight of public-private partnerships (P3) and other innovative delivery projects. Under this contract, RS&H provides program management support, planning, and engineering documents review in support of [...]

I-95 at I-295 North Interchange


I-95 at I-295 North Interchange The Archer Western–RS&H Team has embarked on our most ambitious design-build approach to date. Currently, I-295 suffers from undesirable weave movements due to the close proximity of the I-95 and US 17 interchanges. To solve this issue, our team partnered closely with FDOT District 2, through the ATC process, to [...]

I-40/I-440 Pavement Reconstruction


I-40/I-440 Pavement Reconstruction One of the most high-profile projects in North Carolina, the I-40/440 project reconstructed 11.5 miles of interstate along the southern leg of the Raleigh Beltline. Most of the roadway was more than 30 years old and crumbling due to an alkali-silica reaction (ASR) between the aggregate and the [...]

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