Cecil Field Spaceport


Project Details Description Aerospace Spaceport Planning Planning Master Planning Aviation Aviation Planning Environmental Location Jacksonville, Florida Client/Owner Jacksonville Aviation Authority Contact John C. Kercsmar, PE Aerospace 321-454-6103 John.Kercsmar@rsandh.com Leslie J. Lake Business Development 321-454-6150 Leslie.Lake@rsandh.com Cecil Field Spaceport RS&H prepared a Commercial Spaceport [...]

South Carolina Statewide Strategic Corridor System Plan


Project Details Description Transportation Planning/Environmental Planning Master Planning Location South Carolina Owner/Client South Carolina Department of Transportation Contact James W. Hullett, Jr. Planning/Environmental 678-528-7210 Jim.Hullett@rsandh.com South Carolina Statewide Strategic Corridor System Plan South Carolina has experienced rapid growth in population and development, placing increasing [...]

Rochester International Airport


Project Details Description Aviation Aviation - Planning Planning Land/Site Development Master Planning Public Involvement Location Rochester, MN Client/Owner Rochester Airport Company Contact Donald G. Andrews Aviation 713-914-4411 Don.Andrews@rsandh.com James W. Hullett, Jr. Planning 678-528-7210 Jim.Hullett@rsandh.com Rochester International Airport Located in Southeastern Minnesota, Rochester [...]

Owen Roberts International Airport


Owen Roberts International Airport RS&H was the lead planner, architect, and engineer on a Cayman Islands Team to renovate and expand the existing passenger terminal. The planning effort analyzed the existing facility to determine improvements and facility needs for the future. The planning provided a 40 year expansion plan with phased implementation. RS&H [...]

Jacksonville Transit & Multimodal Development Plan


Jacksonville Transit & Multimodal Development Plan The City of Jacksonville’s Master Plan calls for the historic LaVilla District in downtown to become a vibrant mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment uses. Key to implementing this plan is the effective incorporation of transit and other multimodal facilities that will ultimately improve the sustainability of [...]

Duluth International Airport


Duluth International Airport Planning Duluth International Airport serves the northeastern portion of Minnesota. RS&H continues a long relationship serving the airport and region. RS&H was part of a team that prepared an update to the Airport Master Plan. Since that update, RS&H has provided planning services in support of the general consulting role. Planning [...]

Bishop International Airport


Bishop International Airport RS&H has a longstanding relationship with Bishop International Airport Authority in Flint, Michigan, having provided the airport with engineering, architecture, environmental, visualization and planning services for more than 20 years. Planning RS&H’s planning for Bishop dates back to an early 1990s Master Plan that RS&H updated in 2007. This most recent [...]

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport


Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport As the airport’s on-call consultant for planning, architectural, and environmental projects, RS&H is assisting the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport with updating the Airport Master Plan, a study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport. The most unique feature of this plan is the participation [...]