CCWF Surface Water Management Monitoring


CCWF Surface Water Management Monitoring The Cypress Creek Wellfield (CCWF) Surface Water Management project is a multi-objective wetland restoration and surface water management initiative in Tampa, Florida. RS&H designed a series of culverts and berms to modify surface water drainage patterns in order to improve wetland hydrology at a portion of the CCWF. An [...]

Baird Tract Wetland Restoration


Baird Tract Wetland Restoration RS&H is providing engineering and environmental services to improve wetlands within the Baird Tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest. The project area is part of the Green Swamp, an ecologically sensitive and protected area due to the role it plays in the state’s drinking water supply. The project will mitigate [...]

Portland International Airport


Project Details Description Aviation Aviation-Environmental Environmental NEPA & State Environmental Review Location Portland, OR Client Port of Portland Contact Donald G. Andrews Aviation 713-914-4411 John A. Lengel, PE, ENV SP Aviation - Environmental Stewardship & Resiliency 614-501-6331 ext. 5302 Portland International Airport [...]

Interstate Compliance Services


Interstate Compliance Services Since 1996, RS&H has provided Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGT) with environmental compliance services to support its pipeline operations from Mississippi to South Florida. There are an abundance of federal and state environmental regulations that apply to operating interstate natural gas pipelines. Maintaining compliance with these regulations, as [...]

Environmental Compliance Management, Worldwide


Environmental Compliance Management, Worldwide Through a systematic compliance program, RS&H environmental professionals have helped the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) greatly reduce its environmental liabilities at over 250 commissaries worldwide. While this proactive approach helps avoid monetary fines, it improves environmental performance and recognizes opportunities to continually strengthen their bottom line. [...]