Robert Jackson

Transportation Engineer - Jacksonville, Florida

Providing Tools for Growth
"RS&H understands the balance between work and family."

Working for RS&H provides me everything needed to be successful when designing infrastructure throughout communities. As a project manager, I am able to work alongside a great group of individuals who always bring something special to the team. RS&H values its associates and invests in their development. This makes it exciting coming to work each day. It also encourages me to hone my craft and develop other niches to add to my experiences.

Not only am I fortunate to work with innovative, creative individuals, but I also have the opportunity to work on a magnitude of award-winning projects. And I get to enjoy the successes of their outcomes.

My daily activities include client interaction, staff development, and design coordination. RS&H understands the balance between work and family and easily accommodates if issues arises. I also appreciate the quality standards and professionalism the company abides by. I've enjoyed being a part of a wonderful team and look forward to many more years to come.