Delia Chi

Aviation Planner - San Francisco, California

Life at RS&H
"True teamwork and camaraderie -
that's what it's like to work at RS&H."

When I first started here, I was immediately impressed by how friendly everyone was. This was especially evident during my first team conference call across multiple offices. Team meetings can often become dry and boring. On the contrary, everyone was happy to be there, sharing experiences, news, and even laughing.

Even over the phone, I could sense the energy. When faced with workload issues, others were wholeheartedly willing to help. I could tell I was part of a team willing to face any challenge with an optimistic perspective. Furthermore, I immediately and genuinely established trust with my teammates - as they did with me. It's this mentality that keeps me motivated in my job and willing to help others. Work is not about just clocking in and out. It's about the people.

This sense of teamwork and camaraderie has also extended to our clients. One of our regional leader's philosophies is to hold weekly update meetings with each client and include individuals representing all of our service groups. Even across our different service lines, a genuine willingness to help each other shines through. It shows a proactive and united front and helps build our trust and relationships with our clients, leading to future work opportunities.