Preston Keefe recently participated in a very physically challenging event to help the Respiratory Health Association raise funds to help fight lung disease.

Preston, RS&H’s Vice President and the North Central Region Leader for our Transportation-Infrastructure group, along with approximately 4,000 other locals in Chicago, climbed to the top of the famous John Hancock Center to the 94th floor.

“Going up that many floors as fast as you can is very difficult and yet rewarding at the same time – the rewarding part doesn’t come until you reach the top, catch your breath, and take in the beautiful scenery of Chicago, including the sights of Lake Michigan,” Preston said.

Preston Keefe (far right) before the race.

The event, Hustle Up the Hancock, helps to raise funds for lung disease research, advocacy, and education. Preston was a part of the American Public Works Associates (APWA) Fox Valley Branch team, which placed 31 out of 132 teams.

He felt honored to help fight, in a small way, these lung afflictions through participation in this event.

“For me, within four to five flights of stairs, I was very much out of breath, if not almost gasping for air,” Preston said. “I had a somber moment to think that this feeling, which only lasted less than 20 minutes, is one that many people who suffer from various forms of lung disease have to live with on a consistent basis.”

Preston Keefe (far left) at the top of the tower.

The event, in its 20th year anniversary, raised more than $1,000,000 to help fight lung disease.

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