RS&H’s design of a pediatric room was selected as a top three finalist for the 2014 Family Centered Cancer Care Design Competition, sponsored by the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Designed to nurture families and inspire children’s imagination, the area features nooks to explore, a marker board wall for coloring, and a projection screen controlled by patients for their own entertainment and education.

“Our key design driver was the notion of nooks, in that we wished to create pockets of space for nurturing family support and child’s opportunities for imagination,” said RS&H architect Michael Compton, who led the effort. “Team member Mario Lambert came up with the idea.”

Other design features include a full length graphic rich footwall with marker board finish. The footwall would serve as a incomplete stain-glass window-like graphic, allowing family and visitors to engage the patient in a “painting with markers” activity and discussion to distract from the medical treatment.

In November, the RS&H team will fly to San Diego to present the proposed design at the Healthcare Design Conference. They will present the proposal to the audience, who will choose the top design.

Learn more about the design competition here. 

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