In a recent article published by ArcNews, RS&H’s Highway Designer Lloyd Facklam and Environmental Scientist Cynthia Grizzle explain how geographic information systems (GIS) were used in a project to map potential noise exposure levels in 3D, setting a new standard for the analysis of potential spaceport noise impacts.

The Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) has teamed with RS&H to prepare commercial launch site operator license application documentation, environmental analyses, and a commercial spaceport master plan at Naval Air Station Cecil Field in Florida. Read more about this project here.

The noise from the proposed rocket engines was identified early as a potential concern and required detailed study and analysis to understand potential impacts on the environment and surrounding community. RS&H developed a method to spatially link nongeoreferenced rocket engine noise data to Cecil Airport’s specific runway location and presented our findings in a graphical way that allowed spaceport planners to visualize the potential noise impacts.

Read the full article in ArcNews here.

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