The I-95 Overland Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida, was on the structurally deficient list and was in dire need of expansion to continue to serve as one of the most important corridors in the city. Roads & Bridges recently published an article covering several aspects of this project, which is currently under construction, including the unique bidding process, initial concepts and plans, and details of the renovations.

RS&H is serving as the prime design consultant for this project, which is Northeast Florida’s most significant and largest design-build project. The project will add capacity, increase mobility, and improve safety along 2.56 miles of the city’s most heavily traveled section of I-95, which also serves as a main hurricane evacuation route.

RS&H’s Jacksonville Office Leader Kim Holland commented about the alternative technical concept (ATC), a new way the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is handling their bidding process, according to the article. Like in the case of the Overland Bridge, bidders met with the FDOT and discussed ideas. When the session was over, candidates only knew if proposed strategies were acceptable or not. A formal request was then submitted, and was granted, allowing a formal bid to be processed.

“A lot of contractors worry that if they show their ideas, other teams are going to learn about it and then they are going to lose their edge,” said Holland of the year-long process. “Florida does a pretty good job maintaining the confidence. They get some great ideas.”

Read the full article here.

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