Growing up in Cuba was not easy for Aylin Costa. Her father, an engineer, worked on construction projects all over the island and her family moved wherever the job took him. In 10 years, Aylin and her family moved a total of five times. From an early age she learned to adapt to her environment and establish relationships which helped influence her outgoing personality.

Aylin and her family moved one last time, out of Cuba and to South Florida to escape political oppression and economic challenges. Since coming to the United States at 16-years-old, Aylin learned English, graduated from high school, and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Florida International University.

After coming to RS&H in August 2014 in our Ft. Lauderdale office, Aylin has taken on various roles serving as Engineer-of-Record, Deputy Project Manager, and Project Manager responsible for deliverables on key projects including I-75 Express, I-95 Express, North Interchange Design-Build, and multiple TWOs for ongoing Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) D4 and FDOT D6 Districtwide contracts. Her involvement in key final design, PD&E, and design-build pursuits allowed her to demonstrate her abilities quickly, moving up the ranks to Senior Transportation Engineer.

“I am very passionate about my work,” Aylin said, “and since I came from a very humble immigrant family, I have always known I had to work very hard to achieve my personal and professional goals.”

Through her dynamic and engaging personality, Aylin has played a significant role on many projects and she understands the importance of leveraging relationships with clients.

Jay Turner, Vice President and Ft. Lauderdale Office Leader expressed, “Her passion and take-charge approach for marketing has been very effective, most notably for our recent Broward County General Engineering Consultant pursuit. In serving as project manager, Aylin excelled in securing the win against tough competition, including the incumbent consultant.”

Aylin credits her success at RS&H to her ability to adapt to any situation and perform the job at-hand. She often takes on new and difficult challenges and makes the best out of every circumstance. Her unwavering optimism and persistence is not lost on the associates that have had the opportunity to work with her.

“It has been wonderful working with Aylin over these past few years and watching her grow both professionally and personally,” said Chris Jackson, Vice President of Transportation-Infrastructure. “She always displays a can-do optimistic attitude and willingness to learn new skills on all of our projects and pursuits.”

Maintaining a work-life balance is one attribute that many associates who have worked with Aylin admire. She strives to lead by example for her two young daughters by showing them they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

So, what is the secret to maintaining a work-life balance? Aylin believes that focusing on the task at hand allows her to be present with both her family and her work. With this balance, she is able to deliver consistent results at the office. Adjusting to the fluidity of everyday life while achieving her goals requires a great deal of determination, a flexible mindset, and the unwavering support of her family.

“I am just another working mom, trying to balance the passion I have for my job and the love I have for my family,” Aylin said.

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