The Midland Reporter Telegram reported recently that the town of Midland, Texas has agreed to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with spaceport consulting, engineering and design firm RS&H to explore vertical launch facilities at its planned spaceport. The article said that RS&H has worked with NASA, private space companies and communities on spaceport development since the 1960s. Midland hopes the firm can help Midland get its spaceport off the ground.”

“We felt like we needed to have someone who has been there and done it,” said a statement from Midland’s Board of Development.

“The space industry is growing at such a pace that the FAA has recognized that they have to have something in place from an administrative (and) regulatory process for both above the ground and on the ground,” said its chairman Brent Hilliard. “So, what we want to do is get ahead of that (and figure out) what our requirements for a spaceport (will be) and what safety measures will be in place. We have to be proactive instead of reactive.”

He added, “RS&H, one of the largest players in spaceport development, and Holder Aerospace, a consulting firm Midland currently works with, should help put Midland at the forefront as MDC continues to sell companies on the city’s space industry offerings.”

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