After much anticipation, Lynchburg Regional Airport’s new air traffic control tower (ATCT) is officially completed. As the many onlookers in attendance for the dedication ceremony gave their support, airport employees were most excited as they get to see this safer, more modern structure be put to use.

The scope of the project involved replacing an old tower, built in 1963, with a completely new structure that’s more space-efficient and functional, featuring upgraded control panels and systems.

RS&H took the lead in planning, A/E design, and construction administration for the tower.

The planning phase of this project consisted of a Siting Study (for site selection), which included a siting and alternatives analysis and comparative safety assessment alongside close FAA coordination. RS&H also conducted an environmental assessment (EA) to identify any environmental issues, mitigation measures, and permitting requirements.

In the early stages of design, RS&H created a digital 3D model of the ATCT, allowing review and revision of details using 3D BIM software. This Revit-facilitated coordination, which involved associates from multiple disciplines, helped to minimize field coordination and resulted in quicker construction time and lower overall cost.

“This project included the dedicate efforts of a number of different disciplines in a number of RS&H offices. The close internal coordination and overall coordination with the client and FAA resulted in a project that finished on budget and that the owner is proud of,” said Senior Aviation Engineer Nick Patterson.

RS&H also partook in coordination of a phasing/transition plan to transition activities from the existing tower to the new tower.  This transition occurred in a single overnight phase when the old tower closed for the evening.  The new tower was operational at the regularly scheduled opening in the morning.  The old tower was demolished using added safety precautions as it included hazardous materials. The new ATCT consists of an eight-sided structural steel cab with a perimeter catwalk, with four level cast-on-site concrete panels. These panels are supported by a mat foundation system with a concrete masonry unit wall electrical and telecommunication base building.

“The new tower is a very modern, functional facility that has provided much more comfortable working conditions for the tower operators.  Additionally, the exterior finishes of the facility share the same overall look and theme of the commercial and general aviation terminal buildings,” said Patterson.

RS&H Associates Nick Patterson and Aaron Jackson were among the many in attendance to celebrate as part of the dedication ceremony.

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