Interning is a great way to gain experience, improve your knowledge base, and get your foot in the door at a company even before graduation day. It’s an excellent opportunity to further your education through actual day-to-day project experience rather than theory alone. Some internships will even lead straight into a full-time position. Either way, they give you a head start to get your career going right out of school.

At RS&H, when we bring interns on board, we welcome them as a member of the team and a potential associate in the firm. In 2017 alone, we’ve hired more than 50 interns! For this reason, we take great care in finding the right applicants and make sure to give interns hands on experience that will be applicable to a full-time position after graduation.

How does RS&H look for interns?

Each semester, we begin by connecting with students across the country through career fairs. We visit anywhere from seven to 17 universities and colleges, educating students on RS&H – our projects, our mission, and our values. We meet with students, discuss opportunities, and collect resumes for both upcoming internships and entry level roles nationwide. Often, you’ll have the chance to meet with experienced engineers and even some of our executives as well.

After receiving applicant information, we take a hard look at which candidates could be the best fit for the opportunities available. We look at work ethic, enthusiasm, and education/experience. Other factors include GPA, previous internship experience, completed coursework, Microstation exposure/experience, EI certification, and AutoCAD exposure/experience. Even volunteer work can help give you an edge over another applicant.

What does an intern do?

Once an intern begins, he/she will have a designated mentor and will be under the supervision of a licensed PE (if in an engineering discipline). One of the most advantageous aspects of interning at our firm is that we’re a big enough company to win over complex and interesting projects, however, we’re also small enough to allow each associate to truly be a part of the project. All the while, you’ll have mentorship and help along the way so that you’re constantly learning and growing.

“From the time you begin your internship, you get to jump right into project work, which is great! I really enjoyed working under my mentor Adam and getting one-on-one feedback on my work,” said Aviation Planner Andrew Smyth. “I was happy to accept a full-time offer at the end of my internship.”

You might be wondering what activities you would be performing as an intern at RS&H. We fully integrate our interns into our teams and projects. For instance, as a transportation intern, some of the activities performed might include Geopak designs, Microstation markups, plan preparation, field reviews, and CAD. You might also take part in meetings, field work, traffic forecasting, and layouts. No matter what discipline you’re a part of, as an applicant you’ll have the chance to discuss your interests and potential responsibilities with the hiring manager. And just like with our associates, we provide interns with flexibility in scheduling, understanding that often interns will also have a full-time class load.

The experiences and connections gained from an internship are invaluable. Realizing that, RS&H takes pride in its robust internship program and we work hard to make sure your time here as an intern is enriched with education and growth, working with the team and gaining important skills and knowledge. If you’d like to learn more about how to apply for an internship with RS&H, email me at 

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