Creating an operational plan for a new wide-body jet would usually take several months to complete. But RS&H and the King County Airport only had a couple months to develop solutions for the Boeing 777X, which will have one of the largest wingspans of any commercial airliners in the world.

“We had to be creative with how we move the aircraft based on the current layout of the airfield,” said RS&H Lead Planner Steven Derengowski. “We had to take an unconventional approach to not only meet FAA requirements but also maintain airfield efficiencies.”

The resulting plan makes way for the 777X, and it even helps current operations at the airport.

“Now we have a game plan that we can use time and time again,” said airport Properties and Business Development Manager Matthew Sykora. “We have backup scenarios and we know every square inch of the airport and what can fit there. It’s a very thorough plan.”

Read more about how RS&H helped ready the airport for the Boeing 777X’s arrival on AviationPros.

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