When was the last time you walked through an airport terminal? Did you keep to the right to avoid the masses walking down the center of the concourse? Did you bump into anyone?

Perhaps you were bobbing and weaving your way to your gate, trying to catch your flight at the last minute. Or maybe you were held up by a large pack of people walking together, or stuck behind someone who couldn’t stop looking at their phone.

These are all scenarios that RS&H Vice President and Aviation Buildings Service Group Leader Roddy Boggus has some fun examining in his latest Airport Business column, “Concourse Chicken.” Boggus has spent his career helping design terminal concourses across the U.S. and traversing through them week after week.

“Like driving, know where you’re going, think about what you’re doing, stay in a straight line, and be predictable,” Boggus advises in his column. “Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone misses their flight.”

You can read Boggus’ full column on AviationPros.com.

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