On June, 30, 2015, the Houston Airport System (HAS) reported it was granted a Launch Site License from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that enables Ellington Airport to establish itself as a launch site for Reusable Launch Vehicles, making it the 10th commercial spaceport in the United States.

Officials said the airport will play a large role in commercial spaceflight with the vision of it being a modern airport hub ferrying cargo and people to and from space.

“We believe a licensed spaceport in Houston will not only serve as an economic generator for the city but also enhance Houston’s well-deserved reputation as a leader and key player in the aerospace industry,” said Mayor Annise D. Parker.

RS&H, a leader in spaceport licensing, provided the consulting for the City of Houston to gain the permit.

“The ability to launch space payloads from airports has the potential to make space much more affordable,” said Ken Ibold, RS&H Aviation and Spaceport Planner. “FAA regulations and policy are evolving quickly and RS&H is working with that agency and the industry to help ensure the commercial space launch business is cost-effective and safe, while remaining compatible with adjacent communities and the National Airspace System.”

Read the full press release from HAS here.

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