As a former camper, counselor and current member of the Board of Directors of Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, RS&H Aviation Architect in the Denver office, Samuel Severns, has dedicated his time to an organization that brings children, adults and families with diverse heritages together.

Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families (HCAF) is a post-adoption resource and advocate for children, adults and families with diverse heritages.

Through summer camps, specialized programs and events, adoptees and their families build a community that helps develop a knowledge of themselves and their culture of origin. Adoptive families then have a better awareness of, and sense of pride in, their adopted member’s birth heritage.


HCAF is one of 11 charities to receive funding in the first donation of the RS&H Elevate Fund which was launched this year.

This donation to HCAF will support the expansion of youth programs and contribute to the resources and experiences that this organization offers to connect adoptive parents and adoptees alike.

“Their approach is different from typical summer camps because it’s there to serve as a medium for both kids and adults,” said Samuel.

HCAF’s dedication to supporting adoptees is close to Samuel’s heart, as his family has benefited from the organization’s programs.

“My sister was adopted from Guatemala, so my parents started the Latin American Camp at HCAF. We have also started a domestic adoption camp for children born and adopted in the United States,” Samuel said.

RS&H Elevate Fund supports Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families' youth programs.

From his experience as a camper at HCAF, Samuel and his family are dedicated to supporting Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families because they know the expert guidance is an invaluable resource for parents, and that adoptees benefit from the role models and fun cultural experiences they get at camp each summer.

“It helps kids connect with one another through cultural learning,” said Samuel. “And, parents connect with each other about common challenges in raising children. That’s what makes this organization different.”

Photo credit: Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families

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