The Florida Times-Union recently featured plans for a new community garden in the traditional neighborhood of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida. RS&H architect Dorina Bakiri’s proposed design was the top design chosen by community members.

According to the article, Bakiri drew inspiration from the neighborhood’s “richly planted and elegant” front yards and porches. The design, (Simple) Curve, features a curving wall and 34 small plots that will be leased to gardeners.

While fundraising is still moving forward for the garden, community members are anticipating the garden will be built in what is now the Willow Branch Rose Garden. It will include a sculptural fence along with an educational and gathering space at the entrance, along with a storage and composting area. On the outside of the garden, benches will be built into a curved fence.

“This colloquial play on porches is clear throughout the structure’s design,” Bakiri said.

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