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Intermodal/Freight Rail

RS&H provides a full range of services in the development of intermodal transportation networks for moving freight using containers and multiple modes of transportation, including rail, ship, and truck.  This shipping method provides numerous benefits to businesses and communities, such as reduced transportation costs, increased security, reduced cargo handling, reduced risk of loss or damage, and faster delivery times.

While choosing intermodal freight transport can be a smart choice for businesses of all sizes, the complexities of using such an expansive network of roads, rail lines, and waterways can be intimidating.  Our experts in ports, railroad, and trucking logistics make selecting and communicating with a large number of shippers, each owned and operated independently, easy.

Understanding that the modern freight transportation system is, in many ways, the lifeblood of the United States and other countries across the world, we are passionate about helping businesses and communities with all their intermodal planning, design, and construction needs.

Our intermodal services include:

  • Design and construction management for intermodal container transfer facilities
  • Operational planning
  • Rail operations planning
  • In-gate/out-gate processing
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Train arrival and departure planning
  • Yard capacity analysis
  • Discrete simulation modeling
  • Crane operations analysis
  • Construction management, engineering, and inspection
Map of RS&H's freight modeling and planning experience.

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James W. Hullett, Jr.
Intermodal/Freight Rail