When you think of leaders who have left lasting impressions on you, who do you think of and why? Maybe some of those memories are positive and others negative. Regardless, we often look to those having leadership authority to both inspire within us a shared vision and model a way forward.

I recall stories my grandfather shared of his days as a manager and then corporate executive. Although they were entertaining, I know I could not have worked for him. I would have been fired. “Ye Old Leadership Style” would have fallen on deaf ears, and today, conjures visions of Mad Men sitcoms.

Fortunately, the world is changing. We’re requiring more from our leaders than history required. Today, we look for ability to build emotional capital among those we impact and collaboratively tackle challenges in a manner deserving of leading others. Servant leadership becomes key. This philosophy is at core of RS&H’s leadership training.

We choose not to distinguish between manager and leader. Rather, we believe strong leaders are situational leaders capable of adapting to given moments in time. Further, we believe strong leaders manage performance output every day. Consider that true performance management goes far beyond a written reflection of the year.

We want our leaders bent on bringing the very best out of our workforce and in the most engaging manner permissible. Sometimes that means wearing a managerhat. Oftentimes, that means wearing a coach hat. Millinery aside, we know continuous feedback and transparency establishes mutual respect. From mutual respect comes increased profits; our country’s most engaged workforces are three times more profitable than like companies, says the data.

Leadership is multi-faceted, and today’s work environments are increasingly complex. And we can add the opportunity to benefit from the diverse generations of innovative brainpower comprising our associate population.

It’s exciting times, and a most wonderful time to be part of leadership development. You know, my grandfather has long passed. Still, if he were alive today I would provide him a hook and a wink.

“Hang your hat on that, Gramps!”

About the author

Victoria Cochran
Victoria Cochran
RS&H’s Victoria Cochran views Learning & Development as critical to business strategy and takes a competency-based approach to corporate learning systems. When she isn’t educating our own associates, she volunteers her time to organizations wanting to learn more about leadership development.