As tolling has moved from collecting tolls in the lane to all electronic tolling where tolls are processed by account and by mail, the focus of tolls training has adapted to this change as well. From training staff on the use of manual lane terminals, vehicle classification and tour funds, we’ve moved the emphasis to account, management, customer service, and violation processing.

The success of tolls training affects not only the revenue stream from the facility but also the acceptance of tolling by our stakeholders and customers. Accuracy, responsiveness, and customer service has never been more important. The expanse of training has also grown during this process. We now meet regularly with our systems and back office staff to ensure that they understand and respond to the impact of erroneous bills, long call waiting periods, duplicate violation notices, and website issues.

As technology changes and adapts, training also extends to the project planning and design staff to address:

Tolls Planning

  • Concept of operations and the approach to tolling
  • Operational strategies, pricing
  • Procurement – traditional, design-build/P3, hybrid
  • Performance measures
  • Integration with existing systems

New Infrastructure

  • Gantry design
  • Access to systems support cabinets
  • Communications
  • Signing, messaging, sequencing, etc.
  • ITS and dynamic pricing equipment
  • Ingress and egress to managed lanes


  • Responsibilities for installing different tolling components
  • Coordinating facility access during final construction and system testing
  • Toll zone pavement and pavement markings
  • Access and safety issues
  • Lane closures

Tolls training now focuses on creating and managing the processes to implement the organizational plan, provide technical training to the staff dealing with the daily issues of operating and managing today’s toll facility. It’s also key to transforming the organizational goals into targeted strategies by defining and explaining the independent tasks required as part of the overall process and approach.

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Rick Hurst
Rick Hurst
As an industry leader in Toll Systems and Operations, Rick continues to focus on ensuring clients maximize system expenditures and operational cost control. He has more than 30 years of transportation experience, including serving as a Project Manager for the design of customer service centers, toll manuals, transaction processing, and more.