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Florida Gas Transmission
Since 1996, RS&H has provided Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGT) with environmental compliance services to support its pipeline operations from Mississippi to South Florida. These operations consist of more than 5,000 miles of pipeline and 23 compressor stations. RS&H has helped FGT:

  • Maintain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) and industrial wastewater (IWW) permits in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida
  • Prepare Hazardous Waste Contingency plans; Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans; and Best Management Practice (BMP) plans
  • Monitor wastewater discharge and groundwater systems
  • Inspect stormwater erosion and sedimentation
  • Manage water and regulated waste
  • Perform Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

Pre-Construction Permitting
RS&H is involved in numerous pre-construction permitting projects on well locations, pipelines, power lines, and more. RS&H recently helped a pipeline company in Louisiana avoid impacts to wetland habitats, removing the need for regulatory agency involvement or Section 404 permitting. Additionally, we assisted a drilling company in East Texas with their pre-construction evaluations. That project was completed without the need to notify the regulatory agencies and came in nearly 25 percent under budget.

RS&H has engineered the largest air sparging and vapor extraction systems in both Florida and Oklahoma. Both systems are associated with remediation of hydrocarbon groundwater contamination, ranging from 30 to 300 acres. Due to RS&H’s extensive experience, the project in Florida was completed 18 months ahead of schedule and $750,000 under budget.

Mitigating impacts to streams, wetlands, or threatened/endangered species can be a headache for anyone. RS&H is currently permitting a number of mitigation banks with service areas in East Texas and can help you with any of your mitigation needs. Whether it’s credit negotiations or permittee-responsible mitigation plans, RS&H’s experienced associates can get the job done.

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Kate Lindekugel
Kate Lindekugel
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