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The Training and Development program at RS&H aims to provide associates with continual opportunities to improve their professional skills and to become leaders in their respective fields. Last year in the Tyler office, our associates participated in OSHA safety training, obtained a number of TxDOT pre-certifications, attended a TxDOT environmental conference, completed project management boot camp, and joined a variety of professional organizations.

In 2014, the Tyler office anticipates participating in Rosgen stream restoration training, the Leadership Tyler program, the National Mitigation Banking Conference, and many other opportunities through the year.


Because safety is a top priority, we have a safety plan in place to address workplace hazards and many of our associates are OSHA certified. Additionally, RS&H is registered on ISNetworld and received an A-rating by some of the top names in the industry.


RS&H’s Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC) program guarantees our clients receive the highest quality product, no matter how big or small. All deliverables are reviewed by a senior team member, and each office has a designated QA/QC leader that oversees this process. Through this editing process, we have seen the quality of deliverables increase and the amount of editing decrease, which helps avoid errors and reduces our client’s expenses.

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Kate Lindekugel
Kate Lindekugel
As an environmental scientist, Kate has more than 13 years of experience including ecological surveys and field studies, functional assessments, preparing environmental reports and permits, data management, stream channel and wetland restoration, peer reviewed research, and coordinating with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, as well as public and private stakeholders.