2018 was a big year for RS&H. To name a few big accomplishments, TSH was acquired, the Elevate Fund launched and RS&H Design, Vol. 1 was released. Below is a snapshot of a few of our best posts from 2018 that were featured on our blog.


Eriks Jekabsons Earns 2018 Professional Practitioner of the Year

In his four years with RS&H, Eriks has proven himself a resource for his colleagues, providing a high level of insight on structural design aspects. Beyond that, he is well-respected among clients, from governmental agencies to commercial space companies. Read more >

As Spaceport Leader, Rick Rogers Propels Commercial Space Exploration

Rick Rogers is ambitious and fun, light-hearted but tenacious – qualities that have made the spaceport leader at Merritt Island, Florida, an invaluable resource within RS&H Aerospace & Defense and beyond. Known as much for his people skills as he is for his aerospace acumen, Rick is passionate about space exploration. Read more >


4 Steps for Airfield Pavement Selection

Featured in Airport Business, RS&H Ohio Aviation Leader Matt Schnelle, PE, examines the considerations airports and their consulting engineers must address to choose the right airfield pavement. Read more >

7 Steps Your Airport Can Take to Address PFAS

Featured in Airport Magazine, RS&H Senior Aviation Environmental Specialist Brent Goetz examines the PFAS (also known as poly- and per-fluroalkylated substances) problem airports may face and gives seven steps airport management can take to address the issue. Read more >


The Dos and Don’ts of Design Charrettes

National Design Director Philip Robbie explains the best practices for hosting a design charrette for your next big project. Read more >

Interior Designer Brings Passion, Persistence to Cross-Market Work

Five years ago, on her second day with RS&H, the now lead interior designer for the Corporate Practice Texas Region walked into a client meeting and successfully presented interior finish options. She hasn’t slowed since. Read more >


Safeguarding Through Design

How do you design a defense facility to serve the needs of the U.S. Air Force’s 308th Guardian Angel Squadron, a growing squadron of Combat Rescue Officers, Para-Rescue Jumpers, and Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Specialists? RS&H and Woolpert formed a joint venture last year to design such a facility. Read More >

Celebrating 25 Years with DeCA

This year, RS&H celebrated a 25-year partnership with the Defense Commissary Agency. RS&H has provided a wide range of services for  DeCA, including comprehensive facility assessments, agency-wide energy tracking, water and waste products, energy and waste management training, website development and more for commissaries and distribution centers around the world. Read more >

Health & Science

RS&H-Designed GuideWell Innovation Center

GuideWell Innovation Center is a convening point for key partners and thought leaders from around the world to help define the critical issues facing the healthcare industry and assist in the rapid development and market deployment of solutions. Read more >

RS&H Participates in eVolo Skyscraper Competition

A team of RS&H architects from across the country put their minds and talents together to create a new skyscraper concept for the eVolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition. Read more >


Progressive Design-Build Enters Transportation Market

Progressive design-build is prevalent in the water and wastewater market sector. However, this procurement type has lagged in the transportation market, specifically the heavy highway market. Could progressive design-build mitigate the liability concerns associated with traditional design-build in other markets? The answer is yes. Read more >

Keys to Successful Communications with Your Toll-Paying Customers

Toll-related marketing and communication is not exactly going to earn your toll agency the same recognition or adoration as marketing for commercial brands like Amazon or GEICO – nor do toll agencies typically allocate that kind of money towards marketing and communication activities. Read more >

Transportation-Construction Management

RS&H Helps Construct North Carolina’s First Scissor Bridge

A scissor bridge differs from a traditional bridge in that its girders run perpendicular to the traffic crossing above, as opposed to running parallel as they do with most bridges. This type of bridge is rarely built because it utilizes only a small portion of the deck’s surface area to accommodate travel lanes and is typically only cost-effective when road factors necessitate the bridge be built at a tighter than 90-degree skew. Read more >

RS&H T-CM Team Tames Tricky Tunnel Paving Job

The Big Walker Mountain Tunnel sneaks up like a ghost on motorists traveling Interstate 77 through Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. Big Walker Mountain is the first mountain along the interstate that crews could not snake the road around – so motorists have been driving through it for 46 years. Read more >

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