Main Similarities and Differences that Impact Congress’s Decision on the Water Resources Development Act

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Have you heard about the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016? Not to be confused with the WRDA of 1974 or WRDA of 1992 - those are just three of 11 WRDAs. All WRDAs are related to water resources needs, but the actual applications are varied among environmental, structural, navigational, flood protection, [...]

Sharing Information to Improve the Tolling Industry

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As tolling and toll facilities become a more popular transportation infrastructure improvement choice for state agencies and an investment opportunity for private entities, there are more options for customer interaction than ever before. Differing business rules, tolling systems, tolling facilities, hours of operation, pricing models, back office payment options, and numerous system account [...]

New Concept Creates Open, Interactive Branch Experience

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VyStar Credit Union, a company that supports 21 Northeast Florida counties, is dedicated to enhancing their members’ experience, ensuring their time spent in one of their branches is productive and efficient. While the company strives to better meet the needs of their members, they also want to stay ahead of the curve with technological [...]

Reverse Mentoring Benefits Career Growth

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How can you enhance your talent and sharpen your competitive edge in today’s technological workplace? Try a current initiative referred to as reverse mentoring. Traditional mentoring has been a way to provide experience, knowledge, and perspective from a more senior associate to a younger colleague. Reverse mentoring allows for this exchange to occur in [...]

3 Leadership Challenges and Opportunities in the Future of Tolling

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When thinking about the future of transportation and tolling, there are a few key questions that members of the industry should keep at the top of their minds. What does the future hold for transportation and tolling? What and who will drive the changes and innovations? Recently, I participated on a panel of [...]

5 Steps to Take when Working with Cultural and Historic Resources

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Working with cultural and historic sites can be a sensitive proposition. In a recent example, the federal government requested a temporary cessation of the Dakota Access oil pipeline that runs through the reservation of an American Indian tribe, the Standing Rock Sioux. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which has drawn thousands to join their [...]

A New Gateway to California’s Central Coast

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San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport is the gateway to California’s Central Coast. Replacing its undersized and outdated passenger terminal has been a long-term dream of the community. The new replacement was first master planned more than 20 years ago, but suffered from several false starts caused by the after effects of 9/11 and [...]

Your 4-Step Guide to Understanding Part 139 SMS Compliance

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If you’re working at a commercial airport, you’ve probably heard about the Safety Management System (SMS) proposed rule the FAA issued in July. In an effort to enhance safety and meet international standards, the FAA issued a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SNPRM) to require most airports certificated under Title 14 Code of Federal [...]

Three Ways to Prepare Your Agency for Disruptive Technology

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“Disruption is not something we set out to do. It is something that happens because of what we do.” According to Brian Solis, the world-renowned digital analyst, this is the essence of the disruptive technologies that now pervade all industries. And the toll industry is no exception. Disruptive technologies are radically different from the [...]

HUC Boundaries and the Watershed Approach: The Wrong Tool for the Job

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As scientists, we’re always on the lookout for universal theories, model applicability, and patterns in nature. Regulators are called upon to develop methodologies that are rapid, repeatable, and accessible. Permittees are looking for consistency in regulatory requirements so we can assess project feasibility. All of these are understandable and worthy goals, but oftentimes their [...]