Integrating Autonomous Vehicles and Managed Lanes

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When managed lanes first emerged on American highways, the primary form of congestion management was vehicle restriction, like high occupancy vehicles (HOV) or no-truck Lanes. Over time, however, the effectiveness of these vehicle restrictions in managing congestion has diminished. In many cases, HOV lanes have gone through a period in which lane degradation [...]

Autonomous Vehicles Drive the Future of Transportation Infrastructure

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The planning, design, and funding processes of our nation’s transportation infrastructure, including highways and city streets, are bound to see significant shifts in the next ten years. Over the next decade, all stakeholders, including federal, state, and local transportation agencies in the A/E/C industry, may need to re-think their business plans as a result [...]

Draft Ruling Identifies Definition, Changes to Navigable Waters

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After the US Supreme Court rulings in the Solid Waste Association of Northern Cook Counties (SWANCC) and Rapanos cases, many were left wondering what waters are jurisdictional, what are not, what “significant nexus” meant, and how do you quantify it? To address these questions, a ruling (EPA-HQ-OW-2011-0880) was drafted by the Environmental Protection [...]

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Revises Water Quality Standards

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Fourteen major rivers, more than a hundred lakes, and 23 aquifers comprise the major sources of freshwater in Texas. It sounds like Texas has plenty of water, but the reality is these resources are shared across five metropolitan cities and distributed across a state the size of France with two-thirds of the state [...]

Texas State Water Bill May Fund $25 Billion for Projects

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The Texas State Water Bill (HB 4) has been signed into law authorizing $2 billion in spending on water related projects and could ultimately fund more than $25 billion. HB 4 was signed into law in May 2013 by Governor Rick Perry in an effort to fund long-term water resources projects. The law [...]

Project Highlights

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Learn more about some of our recent project updates. Florida Gas Transmission Since 1996, RS&H has provided Florida Gas Transmission Company (FGT) with environmental compliance services to support its pipeline operations from Mississippi to South Florida. These operations consist of more than 5,000 miles of pipeline and 23 compressor stations. RS&H has helped FGT: [...]

Our Core Values

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Training & Development The Training and Development program at RS&H aims to provide associates with continual opportunities to improve their professional skills and to become leaders in their respective fields. Last year in the Tyler office, our associates participated in OSHA safety training, obtained a number of TxDOT pre-certifications, attended a TxDOT environmental [...]

RS&H’s Ben Chandler Explains Net Zero Waste

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RS&H's Ben Chandler recently wrote "Net Zero Waste - Sorting It Out" for the Public Works Digest. This article is a reprint of the original and was used with permission. The Army’s Net Zero Waste (NZW) policy challenges installations to eliminate their landfill waste. An installation’s waste stream is a remnant of its processes and [...]

Phil Schwab Explains Five Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships

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Last month, RS&H’s Phil Schwab authored an article in the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) news update, Inside Lane. The article, “P3s offer financial and design flexibility,” provides an overview of a public-private partnership, a contractual agreement between a public agency and private-sector entity to deliver a public service or facility with the [...]

Exploring New Horizons

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The RS&H Tyler, Texas, office associates' New Year's resolutions for 2014 focused on increasing personal and industry knowledge, while sharing their expertise with others in their community. To achieve their goals, they participated in a variety of activities and training. With January already moving by more quickly than they could've imagined, the Tyler, [...]