RS&H’s Ben Chandler Explains Net Zero Waste

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RS&H's Ben Chandler recently wrote "Net Zero Waste - Sorting It Out" for the Public Works Digest. This article is a reprint of the original and was used with permission. The Army’s Net Zero Waste (NZW) policy challenges installations to eliminate their landfill waste. An installation’s waste stream is a remnant of its processes and [...]

Phil Schwab Explains Five Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships

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Last month, RS&H’s Phil Schwab authored an article in the American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) news update, Inside Lane. The article, “P3s offer financial and design flexibility,” provides an overview of a public-private partnership, a contractual agreement between a public agency and private-sector entity to deliver a public service or facility with the [...]

Exploring New Horizons

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The RS&H Tyler, Texas, office associates' New Year's resolutions for 2014 focused on increasing personal and industry knowledge, while sharing their expertise with others in their community. To achieve their goals, they participated in a variety of activities and training. With January already moving by more quickly than they could've imagined, the Tyler, [...]

Consequences of Not Complying with Environmental Laws and Regulations

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Most consequences in life don’t seem possible until they actually happen. Whether it is going that extra five miles over the speed limit or not getting your inspection sticker on time, it can be easy to overlook potential repercussions. The same holds true for environmental related laws and regulations. It seems easy to construct [...]

New Stream Mitigation Rules for the Fort Worth, Texas District

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On October 2, 2013, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District announced its adoption of the new Stream Mitigation Method (SMM). The method aims to increase in-kind mitigation for impacts to stream resources by giving preference to stream mitigation credits generated through in-stream improvements. Only recently has the science of true [...]

Executive Orders to Reduce Carbon Pollution

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Whether or not carbon pollution significantly contributes to climate change is open for discussion and interpretation. That debate occurs every day around the water cooler, and everyone has their own opinion. On June 25, 2013, President Obama delivered a speech about carbon pollution in regards to his Climate Action Plan. Is the plan [...]

Finding Ecological Information through Reliable Websites

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How much can you learn from the World Wide Web? The short answer: A lot! The Internet provides many useful articles, links, websites, opinions, and pictures to help us get through the day. However, a search engine might not get the job done in a timely fashion. Search “threatened and endangered species” and [...]

Cheaper, Faster, Reliable: Technology Saving You Money

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With today’s technological advances, many of the laborious tasks required to complete ecological and natural resource components of a project are greatly improved. Gone are the days of field notebooks with blurred drawings and “cut-and-paste” maps. GPS units, GIS software, digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, and a host of other gadgets allow field [...]

Exemptions Implemented for Storm Water Plans

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The Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempted oil and gas activities from EPA storm water plans and permits. However, there are certain circumstances that are not exempt from storm water regulations. In June 2006, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the ‘Final Rule’ exempting oil and natural gas construction activities from the National [...]