Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel

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RS&H’s Aviation Consultant and Spaceport Planner Ken Ibold authored a recent article in the FES Journal titled, “Spaceport Licensing: Converting Runways for Next Generation Space Travel.” Ken addresses the current state of the spaceport industry and identifies some of the challenges that airports face when converting into a spaceport. While referencing some of the [...]

Fueling Good: Leading in Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Infrastructure

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As the US emerges from the Great Recession, alternative fuels present an opportunity to protect the environment and improve public health, while driving job creation and delivering economic growth. Though petroleum-based fuels will continue to dominate supply in the near future, alternative fuel use is projected to grow at near-exponential rates over the next [...]

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

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In the current climate of limited transportation funding combined with rapid advances in tolling technology, it has become increasingly important for transportation agencies to consider future toll system expansion as a major component of toll facility design. Within the state of Texas, transportation agencies have responded to funding limitations by phasing toll projects [...]

Access Location Tool Improves Managed Lanes

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Like many ambitious and innovative highway solutions, the implementation of managed lanes requires effective planning. During this critical phase, planners and designers must carefully consider access locations to the facility. In order to achieve the highest potential in relieving traffic congestion and providing a reliable choice to general purpose lanes, managed lanes should [...]

Factors that Warrant an Emergency Power System for a Toll Road

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In a period of reduced funding for roadway construction projects, the cost effectiveness of many design elements should be reviewed as engineering consultants strive to assure operational integrity and safety of the roadway. One of these elements is emergency power backup for tolling sites, including open road tolling (ORT), managed/express lanes, and traditional [...]

Can Toll Road Apps Drive Customer Behavior?

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Nearly everyone has a smart phone filled with their favorite applications or “apps,” but is there a use for them related to toll roads? Transportation agencies seem to think so. As technology becomes more-and-more integrated into everyday life, agencies are providing another level of customer service by offering free apps for their road [...]

Schedule Challenges Related to Roadside Toll Equipment Testing

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Testing of roadside tolling equipment is often the final work item on toll road construction schedules. Several iterative test evolutions commonly occur in advance of the final system commissioning test, but agencies rely on the final test to certify that the system is ready to reliably collect tolls. Several strategies can be employed [...]

Tolling and Managed Lanes – Shifting A Mindset!

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As congestion grows and the need for reliable forms of transportation increases, the tolling industry’s focus must change from using tolling as a revenue source to using it within a managed lanes facility to manage congestion. Often, transportation officials tell the public that new managed lanes will generate revenue to help improve transportation [...]